For "a dash of gourmet" look no further then Sel Magique. The world's finest Fleur de Sel salt blends imported from the Guérande France. Expertly batch-blended and infused with herbs and spices the three blends are completely natural, equally delicious and guaranteed to elevate your dining experience

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Yesterday at lunch, I ate a mountain of crackers and a sandwich that a man 2 meters high and wide would admire. I could have eaten less, but I would have enjoyed it less. I always dive into my spice cabinet, because it is great to eat cucumber but it needs a pinch of something. Well since Sel Magique has settled in our country I only use their blends, Classic, Spicy or Salt & pepper. This salt is the cream of the crop. Hand blended, well balanced this is a salt that you love.

The Rolls-Royce amongst salt

Het Parool (The Netherlands)

A flavoursome combination of salt and herbs. Sel Magique is aptly named, it adds a "je ne said quoi" to almost anything I cook

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Gourmet in a Dash


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